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Power to Flower

"Flower Power gives you a Smile"

Flowers are one of the most painted motifs of the past milennia. In modern times, depending on the fad, they have been either reviled or fully announced.


"Using canvas yurt to emphasis the special effect of the painting"

I try a little extravagence in my flower paintings. Many of my paintings are painted on a canvas yurt which has been created by me. This creates a special effect with the finished painting.

"Pinp the canvas with marble or plaster base"

The carrier material is coated with a marble or plaster base. This is the cause of the loss of flexibility of the screen. The desired outcome of this procedure is a rough and old look such as a wall of scrolls on plaster. Depending on the desired result, acrylic and oil paints can be used as well as earth colors. By the way, the earth colors have been produced using casseine which is an environmentally friendly way of painting.