versatile Art
Christopher Christopher

Abstract the square

"Shape your Abstract Lines"

Art is not always square. In its abstract form, it has beautiful free flowing lines, colors and form. Maybe that is why many women have been painted in the abstarct form. Not because the model is particularly ugly or unshapely but because when in the abstract form, her beauty shines brilliantly on canvas. The artist is true to this representation and will always present it in its most unique and beloved form.


Curves in paintings emphasize the loveliness

Curves in the truest sense, emphasize her beautiful hips and breasts but color is the most important aspect of all. How else can one pose as a painter if they don't see the emotion that color can bring. I think that you will view future abstract painting with new eyes.

Abstract paintings fowing back to animal motifs

In my artwork, there are abstract images flowing back into animal motifs. Recommended here is "Bukangliwayway, Bisugo' or other oil paintings from the series of Toro. The beauty of the abstract woman will also be on display in the new project soon, I promise.

The painting "Christopher" was created with oil paints on canvas and with a plaster base.