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Pinup Miss Januar Pinup Miss Januar

Scent of a Woman

"Enjoy the Scent of a woman"

This is not the same movie with Al Pacino meant to be in the title role, however, this movie is still worth seeing.



"While observing my paintings you will imagin the scent of a woman"

My pinup pictures can unfortunately only consider the scent of these beautiful women through imagination. I assume on models that there is a simple scent. In a partnership, the body odor of the partners in collaboration together, is essential for a long lasting relationship. It may be finished in a new relationship as it expeiences for the first time the stormy period of "body hunger". The partners should like the scent of one another and only those who embrace this will be impressed enough to be permantly together in this relationship.

Artist see nudity with different eyes

This pinup pictures are meant to be enjoyed by the viewer. Certainly, not everyone will like these pictures and that is why I speak openly to others with an open-mindedness to the beauty of nudity in art. For all other lovers of art, I have some flowers (perhaps with a bee).