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The Toro Project

The Toro "Bull fight" Project

Fiesta de Toro was my first dynamic, abstract painting with strong colors and personality. Artwork, repelled and fascinated at the same time.

My first painting in this series is created in 1995 with the name "Fiesta de Toro". I was searching of subjects for my pictures, full of dynamics, colors, joy and a strong personality. A bullfight I had not seen until then. Only images that had me puzzled. I had this issue so not really explained.

"Can the killing of living creatures are known as sport?"

I wondered about the term "sports". How can a show with the aim of killing referred ostentatiously as sports. Felt repelled by such a spectacle but rather, at the same time I was fascinated by the dynamic designs that emerged from it.

 Fiesta de Toro

"Change the base and it opens up new possibilities"

Why not improve the chances, I thought, and drew two more pictures "Mexican Symphony" and "monumental". Here I added just add another bull. The Toro should here have a serious problem and perhaps even feel the horns.
To the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia at the beginning of 2012, I celebrated it with a new painting on the subject. "The Last Corrida" is also available as an art print poster shop. A further contribution to this subject can be found at enamourArte.