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Colors of Autumn

Colors of Autumn


Colors of autumn | a picture calls for reflection


Autumn is what you make of it. Well, a little profane statement. In countries around the world that have the four seasons inevitably begins the mental adjustment of the soul. We say goodbye to our loved long and warm summer days.


"An evening on the fire place calms the soul" 

Day by day it gets darker earlier. The evenings are getting longer and our mind turns to cozy and quiet time, perhaps by the fireplace. The fire crackles and flickers in the room and spend us a sense of security.

Colors of autumn

However, many people go on this gloomy, gray  and cold days through a depressive phase for lack of sunshine. Just add some personnel problems and it begins a negative foreclosure from which one cannot  free themselves.

 "Define Goals and Tasks " 

It becomes difficult, should be offered assistance denied because the negative emotions dominate massively well-being. Do not give up to look for the ray of sunshine that brightens your soul. It will not be easy, but the sense of achievement will escape the emotional sadness. 
To define goals and tasks for long evenings will be very helpful. Enhanced creativity and productivity are of strength for satisfaction. In the summer time is often muses on the things you want to do so much, but the great summer evenings prevent execution. Fall is the perfect time to deal with all the tasks and you will find that this time is still too short to manage all the thinks you want to do. 
My painting "Colors of autumn" helps with its autumnal, rich colors to refresh your soul. Available as a poster at Fine Art America.