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Copyright information about the artistic work of Harri Spietz

Dear visitor,

All images, graphics, logos and texts are subject to copyright protection by the artist Harri Spietz. All images and text on this page were created by Harri Spietz and serve to illustrate the artistic works. It is not permitted my images and text on other websites offer to use it commercially (sell) or otherwise profitable or offer, stating the own authorship. In this case, I'm going to bring about legal action. My artistic work may be used free of charge without any change:

- In the private sector of the computer (for example, screen savers)
- On websites stating the author / copyright with a link to the website.
  (Copyright Harri Spietz /

Not permitted:

The commercialization and distribution of the images in any form changing or covering of logo or copyright information. All company or brand names mentioned herein may be reproduced without the guarantee of availability. The names are either registered trademarks or should be treated as such.


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